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Bilateral Trade: A snapshot of our bilateral trade is given in the following table:

Financial Year Bilateral Trade(Million USD) Total
India’s exports Annual % +/- India’s imports
2005-06 294.65 32.62 327.27
2006-07 403.49 36.94 89.08 492.57
2007-08 407.51 1 433.14 840.65
2008-09 485.07 19.04 415.53 900.60
2009-10 461.06 -4.95 475.00 936.06
2010-11 488.46 5.95 613.78 1102.24
2011-12 717.37 46.87 438.18 1155.55
2012-13 754.94 5.24 133.34 888.28
2013-14 862.17 14.21 436.19 1298.36
2014-15 882.46 2.36 569.66 1452.12
2015-16 782.48 -11.33 149.20 931.68
2016-17 751.34 -3.98 245.18

(Source: Ministry of Commerce and Industry, India, Indian Financial Year runs from April of one calendar year to March of the following calendar year)

2. As per 2016 Central Bank of Sudan’s statistics, India is the third largest exporter to Sudan after China and UAE. It primarily exports food stuffs, manufactured goods, machinery and equipment, chemicals including pharmaceuticals, textiles and transport equipment to Sudan. In the food sector, Sudan is a large importer of wheat (USD 448 mln), wheat flour (USD 287 mln), Sugar (USD 272 mln), animal and vegetable oils (USD 197 mln). Sudan mainly exports sesame seed, gum Arabic, cotton, hides and skins and ground nuts to India.

Economic Relations

1. Bilateral economic relations reached an inflection point in 2003 with India’s decision to invest upwards of US$ one billion in the oil sector. Altogether, India, through OVL has invested close to US$2.3 billion in Sudan (part of it now falls in South Sudan)

2. At the April 2005 Oslo donor’s conference, India declared a grant of US$ 10 million and a further concessional (HIPC terms) line of credit of US$ 100 million. Out of which, US$5 million each has been earmarked for Sudan and South Sudan respectively.

3. In November 2006, Sudan became the 18th African nation to sign the Pan-African E-Network Country Agreement with India for the establishment of a satellite and fibre-optic network that will provide effective communication and connectivity among the 53 members of the African Union. Funded by India, the US$ 50 mn project is being implemented by Telecommunications Consultants India Ltd. Tele-education and video-conferencing, tele-medicine are functional.

4. In January 2007, President Omer Al-Bashir inaugurated Sudan’s first solar photo-voltaic module manufacturing plant built with Indian technology and equipment (supplied by CEL) at the Energy Research Institute in Khartoum.

5. India was one of the few countries that has unilaterally declared Duty Free Tariff Preference (DFTP) Scheme for Least Developed Countries (LDCs). The DFTP Scheme grants duty free access on about 85% of India's total tariff lines and preferential access (Positive List) on about 9% of tariff lines. Only 6% tariff lines are under the Exclusion List. Duty Free and Positive List cover about 93.5% of global exports of LDCs. Sudan has completed all formalities to be eligible under the Scheme.

6. The Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas of India and the then Ministry of Energy and Minining of Sudan signed a Memorandum of Understanding on promoting Cooperation in the Oil and Gas Sector on 8 December 2009 in India. The MoUwas signed by the Ms. Angelina Jany Teny, Minister of State for Enegy and Mining and from the Indian side by Shri JitinPrasad, Hon'ble Minister of State for Petroleum and Natural Gas. As envisaged in the MOU, the first meeting of the Joint Working Group (JWG) was held in Khartoum on 29-30 November 2010 during which mutually beneficial areas of cooperation were identified. The Indian side was led by Mr. Sudhir Bhargava, Additional Secretary, Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas of India. The next meeting of the JWG is to be held in India.

Projects and Lines of Credit

1. In April 2006, India’s Ministry of Nonconventional Energy Sources funded a solar electrification system (implemented by Central Electronics Ltd) for Khadarab village about two hours from Khartoum, bringing light for the first time into the lives of some 1,500 villagers. The project has been replicated in several other villages.

2. A number of Lines of Credit have been extended to the Governemnt of Sudan since Rs. 120 million Line of Credit from India in 1980 disbursed by Exim Bank in 1982. During Rashtrapatiji’s 2003 visit, a US$ 50 million line of credit was extended to Sudan (the first ever on a Government-to-Government basis) for Indian goods and services in power, solar energy, railways and laboratory equipment. Following tables sums up various Lines of Credit extended by the Government of India to the Government of Sudan, through EXIM Bank of India:

Lines of Credits (LoCs) to Sudan


USD (million)

Purpose/Project/ Remarks
19.01.2004 50 Supply of electrification, equipment, photovoltaic cells, diesel coaches, copper rods, textile machinery, and rehabilitation of locomotive products.
23.01.2006 41.9 SINJA-GEDARIF Transmission and Sub-Station project
23.01.2006 350 4 x 125 MW Kosti combined cycle power plant to be executed by BHEL. Three units synchronized and one more unit will be synchronised soon. Final handing over of the entire project could be in end of 2015.
12.02.2007 48 USD 15 mn,15 mn, 3 mn, 5mn and 10 mn for Supply of agriculture inputs, Technical and laboratory equipment, scientific equipments, solar electrification and Sudan Railways supplies respectively
23.07.2007 52 USD 25 mn, 10 mn and 17 mn for Sinja-Gadarif Transmission line, Micro-industrial projects and Development of livestock production and services respectively.
26.01.2009 25 Mashkour Sugar Plant at While Nile State. 1st Tranche USD 25 has been disbursed and 2 nd Tranche USD 125 million is yet to be disbursed. The technical formalities and signing of agreement between parties (EPC and Mashkour Sugar Co.) were done. Sudanese Government has cancelled the contract with M/s OIA and the new contractor still to be finalized.
24.07.2013 45.17 Interest overdue on all LoCs, including penal interest and commitment fee of USD 2.57 million till 31.03.2014 were capitalized on 31.03.2014
April 2017 19.60 Second restructuring of unpaid interest dues and capitalized through a fresh line of credit.
Total 631.67  

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